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Tanya Owen

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I've been serving the southern Oregon coastal communities with nurturing massage and spa therapies at Salon Dolce since 2017. Bringing a decade of experience in luxury spa management and a dedicated private practice since 2008. 


Specializing in rehabilitative and spa relaxation treatments. My work focuses on a strong parasympathetic response to relax muscle and fascia tissues in order to coax lasting changes in body structure and posture. I offer a wide range of services from clinical rehabilitation to deluxe spa packages. I give highly adept, traditional Swedish massage and deep tissue work with a background in structural integration and craniosacral therapy.  My upscale spa treatments include abhyanga, shiatsu, kobido, hot stone, body scrubs and body wraps. I enjoy sharing these special treatments and creating lasting relationships with my clientele. My passion is providing tranquility and deep relaxation through nurturing touch.


I am a true NorthWest girl who loves the outdoors. I spend my free time hiking, swimming and exploring nature with my husband and two adult sons.

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